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3rd place winner for the 2012 Atty Awards

20 Dec

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Today I found out that my entry for this year’s Atty Awards won third place in the contest!.  Margaret Atwood was the judge, and each of the three winners will have a chance to consult personally with her, about their work.  MARGARET ATWOOD! My entry was a short collection of ten poems, each written in a different poetic form (as per the rules of the contest).  The collection is titled Skrimshander and is available to read on Wattpad , as are all of the other entries into the contest.  I am excited about using Wattpad to publish more work, in the future.  Also, I highly recommend the Margaret Atwood novels Oryx & Crake, and The Year of The Flood to anyone who hasn’t read them.  They are phenomenal.

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