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Northwind Reading Series in Port Townsend, WA on 3/22

15 Feb

3-22 Northwind Reading Series – Floating Bridge Press Authors

I’m looking forward to reading with fellow Floating Bridge Press poets Katy E. Ellis and Alex Vigue at the Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend, WA, in March. Their books are phenomenal, and I highly recommend them.

Unrelated note: I once slept on the lawn in front of the Ft. Warden Youth Hostel in Port Townsend the 1990s when the hostel was full, only to arise, bestial, covered in morning dew, to harry and pester Sam Hamill at Copper Canyon. Teenage me thought that since Sam was my teacher for one Centrum workshop that meant I could just sort of show up and try to talk to him about books.  Teenage me didn’t really understand a lot of things. Sam always talked to me, though, and even gave me free books after we talked about them.

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